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Sustainable development

Sustainable development concept

Our concept of sustainability includes close cooperation with employees, suppliers, and other business partners, whom we encourage and motivate to adhere to similar principles of sustainable development. Equally important priorities are safety and health protection.

Our values

Sustainable supply chain

Eco Vadis

Responsible care

Support for the community and region

The vision of FORTISCHEM a. s. is to become one of the leading energy-chemical companies in the areas of efficiency, sustainable development, and ecological balance. Therefore, it was necessary to define the concept of the three pillars of sustainability.

Environmental pillar

The company annually modernizes its technologies, reduces electricity consumption, incorporates the use of renewable resources, and engages in a circular economy.

New production units meet strict safety and environmental protection standards and are designed as BAT (Best Available Technology). Measures for more efficient use of input materials and products are also being implemented.

The company invests in various projects that reduce pollutant emissions, decrease electricity consumption, and enable more efficient use of resources.

Social pillar

The company’s goal is to be positively received despite the proximity of the site to a residential area – as a good, beneficial, trustworthy, and safe neighbor.

The company is one of the major employers in the region. In addition to safety and health protection, it emphasizes regular and targeted employee education and is committed to their personal and professional growth and qualification enhancement over the long term.

The company actively contributes to the functioning of the city of Nováky, particularly by treating municipal wastewater and supplying heat. Additionally, it supports public benefit projects through the Minigrants program, which focuses on the environment, culture, and sports.

Economic pillar

The company continues to focus on maintaining its position as a major employer and investor in the region, as well as a strong player in the markets in which it operates. Achieving this position is driven by meeting long-term goals of revenue growth and maintaining profitability. The company’s strengths are primarily the high quality of its products and the high standard of customer service.

The direction of FORTISCHEM, a. s. towards sustainable development is also supported by the implemented systems of quality, environment, safety, and energy, participation in the global initiative Responsible Care, as well as in the worldwide platform EcoVadis, which includes the assessment of the company’s sustainable business practices.