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Cooperation with schools

FORTISCHEM a. s. works intensively with primary and secondary schools in the region. Students can gain practical experience and skills with us.


  • We offer scholarships for students in their final year of engineering studies in selected fields of study at technical universities:
    • chemical engineering
    • chemical technologies
    • control of technological processes in chemistry

Please send your applications by email to:


  • the start, end and scope of the internship will be agreed individually with the student.
  • this practice will be recognized as compulsory production and professional practice completed during the student’s studies.


  • Elaboration of thesis topics:
    • the topics of the seminar (SP), diploma (DP) and bachelor’s thesis (BP) are related to the subject of FORTISCHEM’s activities.
    • the topic does not describe a given situation, but solves a problem; the result of the DP, BP is a proposal for a solution
  • How to proceed if you are interested in preparing a DP:
    • send a request for a topic SP, DP, BP together with a CV to the address below
    • if your application is successful, we will assign you a consultant
    • within 5 days we will send you a reply to your application