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Measuring customer satisfaction

Please mark your chosen score on a scale of 1 - 5.
(1-Excellent, 2-Very good, 3-Good, 4-Satisfactory, 5-Unsatisfactory)
For a rating of 3 - 5, please state the reasons in the comments.

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1. Product range (suitability for applications, level of product innovation)
2. Packaging of products (suitability of packaging types and packaging materials used)
3. Product labelling (batch labelling, content of labels, instructions)
4. Product quality (quality uniformity, quality parameters, etc.)
5. Adherence to delivery deadlines (timeliness and promptness of deliveries during and outside working hours)
6. Completeness and accuracy of supporting documentation
7. Flexibility of response to enquiries and requests (speed of written and verbal response)
8. Technical-application support (customer service staff, consulting)
9. Trade promotion (the sum of all activities aimed at increasing trade cooperation)
10. Cooperation and relationship of the company's employees with customers