Fortischem a.s. intensively cooperates with elementary and secondary schools in the region. In our company, students can get practical experience and skills. As part of support of education and employment of students in the conditions of enterprise practice, we offer the following:

Professional experience options:

  • beginning, end and scope of experience will be agreed individually with the student.
  • this experience will be recognized as obligatory production-professional experience of a student underwent during studies.

The option to process topics of seminar, bachelor and diploma theses and dissertation papers:

  • Preparation of diploma thesis topics:
    • Topics of seminar (SP), diploma (DP) and bachelor (BP) thesis related to the subject of operation of FORTISCHEM a. s.
    • the topic does not describe the current state but deals with the issue; the result of DP, BP is a solution design
  • How to proceed if you are interested in DP:
    • send an application for a topic of SP, DP, BP along with your curriculum vitae to the below-stated address
    • if your application is approved, we will appoint you a consultant
    • within 5 days, we will send you our statement to your application

Company scholarship:

  • The offered scholarship is designed for students in the last year of the second-level engineering studies of selected study programs of technical universities:
    • chemical engineering
    • chemical technology
    • management of technological processes in chemistry

Send your applications by mail to the following address: