Warning for the Citizens

Warning of the citizens and informing of persons within the fenced area after the occurrence of an extraordinary event or prior to an immediate threat of its occurrence is performed through the following signals:

Check of operability of the warning systems using 2-minute straight sirens tone is concluded in the sense of the specification of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Radio, TV and the press provide information about regular check of sirens functionality and other extra checks.

When You Hear Sirens

After the warning signal, information about the specific type of emergency and recommendations for the citizens will follow. Then, you need to pay attention to the public-address system or other available communication tools. For self-protection, you must comply with the following generally applicable rules:

  • keep calm, act prudently, do not panic
  • follow the instructions of the rescue services, local government and national administration
  • warn other persons in danger
  • immediately leave the endangered area, if possible
  • before leaving the building, terminate any activities including open fire, switch of electric and gas devices
  • protect yourself according to the type of the emergency and your capacity and capacity to also protect other persons