Technological conditions

In case of a requirement of a new consumer to be connected to the system of thermal devices, the customer must submit an application for a connection with the specification of the required volume and parameters of heat carrier or heating curve. If the system of thermal devices is able to ensure such parameters, the operator of the system of thermal devices will determine the way and place of connection, connection dimension and weather insulation thickness.

Qualitative parameters of heat supply in distributions are the following:

  • steam 0.6 Mpa: temperature between 150°C and 242°C; overpressure between 0.40 MPa and 0.55 MPa.
  • steam 2.1 Mpa: temperature between 210°C and 336°C; overpressure between 1.80 MPa and 2.15 MPa.
  • hot water UK: temperature between 44°C and 77°C; overpressure between 0.32 MPa and 0.40 MPa
  • hot water central heating: temperature between 55°C and 65°C; overpressure between 0.32 MPa and 0.40 MPa

Quantitative parameters of heat supplies from sources to the distributions are the following:

  • Production of high-pressure steam – production of 2.1 MPa steam: max. 2x16 t/h with output overpressure 1.85 – 2.00 MPa and temperature between 250°C and 300°C
  • Production of low-pressure steam – CO incinerator plant: max. 25 t/h with output overpressure 0.45 – 0.54 MPa and temperature between 200°C and 224°C
  • Production of low-pressure steam – thermic processing of chlorinated hydrocarbon: max. 6.8 t/h with output overpressure 0.43 – 0.5 MPa and temperature between 153°C and 158°C

Parameters of the supplied steam at the place of consumption depends on the performance stresses of individual lines, on the dimension of the connecting pipe and on the consumption of the consumers. The condensate is collected from individual steam consumers to central containers in the building of thermal management. The amount of thermal content including condensate from consumers is measured on the entry to the main condensate distributions. Data are evaluated and taken into account during monthly charging for heat to the consumers.