Schoolkids covered the fence of a chemical plant with drawings

Nováky, 5 June 2015. School kids from Nováky had a non-traditional art lesson. It took one week and thanks to it, the fence of the chemical plant in Nováky got a new coat. It was covered by drawings of students of Elementary school in Pribinova Street. The kids were supposed to express through their drawings, how they see the chemical plant, which is one of the biggest employers in Horná Nitra and where more than 1100 people from Nováky and the immediate surroundings work.

Kids from 6 to 13 years of age participated in the Draw your “chemical plant” project. “It was very unusual for the kids, the topic they could draw and the place where they could express their imagination. First, they studied the issue on the Internet and tried to understand what can be happening in a chemical plant. Thus, they learned many new things, for instance about the jobs of their parents,” explains the director of the elementary school on Pribinova Street in Nováky, Anna Chlupíková.

FORTISCHEM a.s. engaged the students in creative activity and they learned new things and got new experience, but also leveraged their skills and talents: “We received more than 30 sketches, selected the best ones and allowed the kids to redraw them on concrete panels forming the fence,” describes the FORTISCHEM a.s. communications manager, Anna Vojteková.

The students redrew their sketches on the panel fence in 25 lessons. In this non-traditions lesson of arts, they used almost 50 liters of paint and more than 30 brushes. The costs of paint and painting tools were borne by FORTISCHEM a.s.

Thus, FORTISCHEM a.s. intends to cooperate with the schools in the region with tradition in chemical industry and wants to emphasize the good prospects of the plant with regard to employment.

Apart from this, the plant also participated in the Memorandum on Cooperation with schools within the capacity of the Trenčín autonomous region. That is another way how the plant wants to contribute to educational and training process and preparation for future jobs.

FORTISCHEM a.s. operates a chemicals production plant in Nováky since 2012. During its long-term operation, currently former Novácke chemické závody, a.s. specialized as a manufacturer of products for further processing in various industries. The company manufactured and sold products on the basis of manufacturing and processing of chlorine, calcium carbide, and industrial gases. The company portfolio also includes the production of polyvinylchloride and products of PVC (window profiles INTERNOVA and facade cladding panels Slovinyl Siding). FORTISCHEM a. s. also contributes to the production of basic and specialized low-tonnage chemicals. The company was verified and certified and complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

For further information contact:

Anna Vojteková, Communications Manager, tel.: + 421 918 666 975