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We manufacture PVC by suspension and emulsion polymerization, we also supply emulsion slurry PVC. We offer various types of emulsion PVC, ideally for the production of wide assortment of films, floorings, separately, or in various combinations by the extrusion and rolling technology. Various types of suspension PVC are designed for hard PVC products manufactured by the calendering, extrusion, jetting technology. For the production of artificial leather, wallpapers, floorings by homogenous coating technology, various types of emulsion slurry PVC were designed. We also offer special copolymers of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate which are used for puttying of car chassis, e.g. Slovinyl KV 62-12 or for the production of LP records Slovinyl KV 173. Polyvinyl acetate dispersions-based products, Slovilaxes convenient for mortars and concretes as plasticizer. Under the name Sloviols we manufacture special products usable as colloids, polymer emulsion stabilizers, etc.

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