Our products

We offer granulated materials under the market name Sloviplasts. They are made of PVC, softeners, filling agents, convenient stabilizers. They are designed for further processing by extrusion or jetting. According to type, they are used in the electrotechnical industry (KG) for the production of cables, electric installation materials (TG) or sealing and shoe soles (MG).

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e-mail: gpvcsales@fortischem.sk
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  • Sloviplast MG-5025

  • Sloviplast MG-5505

  • Sloviplast MG-5554

  • Sloviplast MG-6004

  • Sloviplast MG-6010

  • Sloviplast MG-7029

  • Sloviplast MG-7032

  • Sloviplast MG-7501

  • Sloviplast MG-7502

  • Sloviplast MG-7508

  • Sloviplast MG-7547

  • Sloviplast MG-7560

  • Sloviplast MG-8007

  • Sloviplast MG-8506

  • Sloviplast MG-8530

  • Sloviplast MG-8531

  • Sloviplast® MG-9055

  • Sloviplast® MG-9057

  • Sloviplast® MG-9556