Company profile

FORTISCHEM a.s. wants to offer not only products, but also process solutions, and to be the best choice for consumers and biggest challenge for suppliers.

We want to do so through our chemicals production plant in Nováky which we have been operating since 2012. The history of chemicals production in the plant started as early as in 1940. During its long-term operation, currently former Novácke chemické závody, a.s. specialized as manufacturer of products for further processing in various industries.  Currently, the company manufactures and sells products on the basis of manufacturing and processing of chlorine, calcium carbide, carbide mixtures and industrial gases. The company portfolio also includes electrolysis products, production of polyvinylchloride and PVC products (window profiles INTERNOVA and Slovinyl Siding). FORTISCHEM a. s. also contributes to the production of basic and specialized low-tonnage chemicals. More than 80% of our production is exported abroad and our products have consumers in 60 world countries.