The chemical plant in Nováky will be operated by FORTISCHEM

Nováky, 2 August 2012 – FORTISCHEM a. s. will, on the basis of a business strategy, operate the chemical plant in Nováky. FORTISCHEM a. s. does not plan to make significant personal changes or changes in production.

FORTISCHEM a. s. wants to build a market-oriented company led by current management of the Nováky chemical plants. The representatives have a long-term experience in the area of management and rich experience in trading chemical industry products. Apart from that, by their efficient management, they proved their ability to keep operation up even under complicated bankruptcy conditions. FORTISCHEM a.s. plans to keep and develop production programs that have been working in Nováky chemical plants. The company focuses on long-term sustainable development, safety, ecology, working environment quality, but also production modernizing. Keeping and developing the production program is a priority for the re-established management. “With increasing production efficiency, we would like to contribute not only to the plant development, but also to the development of the municipality of Nováky and the whole region of Horná Nitra,” adds Mgr. Marek Uhlíř, member of the Board of Directors of FORTISCHEM a. s.

FORTISCHEM a. s. wants to closely cooperate with the local authorities on promoting interests that would increase the quality of life in Horná Nitra, increase the accessibility of the region and also its significance in the national context.